Getting Start With Your List Building Business

How do you profit from list building? In my opinion, list building is really about relationship building. Mostly, people like to buy products from people who trust, if you are going to sell products online, you must focus on offering value to your subscribers and build trust with them. There are a few steps you need to take before really profit from your lists.

1.First, create your own squeeze page. A squeeze page is a landing page use for collecting visitors’ information. When you design a squeeze page, there are some point you should remember:

a.Write a powerful headline to grasp visitors’ attention in seconds. It should include the ultimate benefit you are going to offer to your subscriber. And raise readers’ interests for them to keep reading your page.

b.Well explained what your visitors are going to get. You can use bullet points to list the benefits of your offers.

c.Give away free gifts to encourage visitors opt in.

2.Secondly, you must write down follow-up email campaign. One of your objectives is to build the list relationship. Share your knowledge with your subscribers, and recommend a product can really benefit them. If you follow up with your subscribers effectively, you can lead them to stay in your lists for a long time or buy from you.

3.Driving traffic to your squeeze page. There are two traffic tactics I highly recommend to you:

a.Article Marketing: It’s a free way to generate web traffic. If you practice your writing skills everyday, you will be able to come up more than 20 articles per day. The key of article marketing is the number of articles you submit to. You must take huge efforts to do this; the internet marketing today is very competitive. If you want to make more money, it’s naturally you must work harder than your competitors. Especially when you are just getting start in this business.

b.Take advantage of or You can create your own little websites on Squidoo and Hubpages. These two websites both have high page rank, and huge amount of users. You can benefit from put text links on them. To do this, simply create a len (hubpage), and post articles to it in regular basis. You can not only drive targeted visitors from Squidoo and Hubpages, but also increase your sites’ page rank. Another way to profit from them, is to post product reviews articles on your len(hubpage) and promote your products.

Finally, you must test your list building tactics. And make necessary change to your squeeze page or email campaign.

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