How To Create High Conversion Lead Capture Pages

In today’s competitive marketing arena, it pays to have an edge. Any business, big or small must be absolutely committed to obtaining a fresh flow of exclusive, interested and responsive leads.

In order to remain competitive in the highly sophisticated and intensely competitive Internet Marketing Niche, savvy entrepreneurs must rely on a dedicated networking scheme. One of the most successful ways to garner a piece of the market is through a lead capture page (sometimes referred to as a squeeze pages).

Lead pages are one-page web sites designed to provide only enough information to attract a users attention, arouse their curiosity and inspire them to opt in to your designated opportunity.

Effective lead capture pages can be built with relative ease and their primary function is to highlight the benefits of your offer, provide an online information form that interested parties fill in and allow you permission to contact them directly with subsequent information. In the industry, this is referred to as an opt-in lead.

You may be asking, why should I bother with constructing and maintaining a one page website whose only purpose is to give users the option of continuing or not continuing with their search? Extensive Market Research has proven what Internet Marketers have known for ages, Users do not always commit to a product or service in their first encounter online. Therefore, providing just enough titillating information on your lead page to pique additional interest will often inspire users to request supplementary information.

Creating lead capture pages from scratch is not hard, but there are several tried and true components that are essential in your design:

Your lead page must contain a synopsis of the most pertinent information relative to your product, while having enough pizzazz to grasp a readers attention.

Bulleted points extolling the benefits of the next click (either by use of a proceed, continue or submit button) will serve to whet a users curiosity, thus bringing the desired traffic to your site.

Employing an auto-responders function is essential at this point in order to expedite immediate response. The follow-up e-mail should be comprised of interesting and compelling data about your product and/or service and should be designed to make YOUR product or group stand out from the crowd, thus generating business back to you.

Easy to use software is available to assist first-time marketers in their production of lead pages that look professional and personalized. Your primary goal is to develop a positive rapport with potential clients, so providing some insightful, personal information about yourself, such as your pets, hobbies, family, etc., can create an aura of bonding with the reader.

Establishing this type of mutuality with the reader intimates that you are a person who is likeable, friendly and able to be trusted, which, in turn, can go a long way in swaying a reluctant buyer over to your side.

Once a visitor provides their contact information, you will immediately receive it. You can then employ your marketing skills to their maximum via email or telephone, where you now have a prime opportunity to promote your particular offer.

As a marketing tool, the lead page performs as a multi-tasking agent for your company. It serves to entice prospective buyers, allows you to elaborate on your product and provides you with information on who visits your affiliate site. Most importantly, you will now have legitimate contact information, which can be used to communicate directly with your intended clients.

How to Make $100 a Week From Home With Affiliate Marketing

If it is your desire to learn how to make $100 a week from home, affiliate marketing is a good online business to start with. From this article you will discover top affiliate marketing secrets which the gurus are not willing to share publicly. Come to think of it, the main idea behind making money on the internet is to share valuable information with people. So, I am going to expose you to simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing and possibly get out of debt or quit your day job sooner or later.

Basically, there are three ways to promote merchants’ products and services on the internet as an affiliate marketer. They are building landing or squeeze pages, starting product reviews blog, and building authority blogs and monetizing them with links of different affiliate products.

It is always difficult to make money blogging and promoting affiliate products if you are not an authority blogger or expert in your niche market. Starting a blog solely to review affiliate products and services can be very profitable if you personally use the products or receive review copies to guide you. It is always a Herculean task for a beginner who doesn’t have any idea of how to write product review articles to hit the ground running.

So, it comes down to setting up a simple squeeze page and creating an eBook or video to give away for free in order to build an email list of subscribers. I know you have heard times without number that money is in the list. But what I found to be valuable about list building is the relationship, bond and rapport which you are able to build with your target audience.

A lot of online shoppers and buyers are always skeptical about buying products from website owners who they don’t know, like and trust because of the prevalence of internet scams and low quality products for sale. It is even worse if they have to fill out their credit card information on your website to make a purchase.

If you are not an established e-commerce site such as,,, etc, you have a lot of work to do upfront to prove your expertise and earn trust from your target niche market. So, if you want to make $100 a week from home on the internet, the best way to get started as a beginner is to put your best foot forward by giving away something valuable to your target audience. This is because your generosity of giving out free eBook or video to your subscribers can gradually grow into mutual trust over a period of time.

The best part is that when you offer valuable free eBook or video, you are not worried about refunds or charge backs. Your main concern is to make sure you are giving away valuable report in order to reduce unsubscribe rate from your mailing list.

So, let’s do the Math. If you promote and sell an affiliate product which pays $25 commission for every sale closed, you need to sell only 4 copies to make $100 a week. Also, having 4 people in your buyers’ list of subscribers per week means you can up sell and cross sell other complementary products and services to them somewhere down the road.

In order to implement the squeeze page system successfully, you need to invest money in affiliate marketing tools including registering domain name, buying web hosting, creating landing page template, creating free report or video, subscribing to email service provider, and writing content to publish in your follow-up messages. There is nothing complicated about setting up squeeze page including automated email marketing system if you are willing to learn more about it.

But where you have to do a lot of work is crafting professional and valuable follow-up email series so that the rate at which your subscribers decide to opt out of your list won’t skyrocket. If you are not sure how to get started, simply sign up with reputable internet marketing newsletter and learn from the expert behind it. Another area I will draw your attention to is promoting quality product or service. You can know the quality of a product by using it yourself and reading feedback from real users from niche market forums members and users.

As for marketing and promotion of your website, the quickest ways to get website visitors is through forum marketing, writing press releases and content marketing. You have to regularly promote your website, build relationships with potential buyers in your niche market via social media networks and make sure they ultimately end up signing up for your newsletter.

Yes, there is a lot of work involved in completing these tasks but you are certain you are starting an online business for the long term. As a beginner, this is how to make $100 a week from home on the internet with all certainty either in affiliate marketing or other legitimate internet business opportunities.

Starting An Online Business – 4 Steps To Quickly And Easily Starting Your Own Internet Business

Starting your own online business isn’t as tough as many people think, in the end all it really comes down to is setting up a product funnel and getting the right leads into that funnel. While it may take time to reach that level, the following four steps are great beginning steps that can help put you on the right path to Internet business success.

These four steps are going to help you build a hugely successful Internet business:

#1 – Find a hungry market

There is no question that finding a market where there is lots of money being spent is our best bet when it comes to entering the Internet business world. There is a lot of focus these days on finding highly-targeted niche markets and exploiting them, but this strategy is losing power because Google is starting to punish those sites that are not touched for quite some time. So, in order to maximize your success online, look for a market where there are products being sold and money being readily exchanged.

#2 – Create great products to help your niche

Find your niche and then find out what they want and need, then go out and build these products. If you don’t want to create your own products you can always become an affiliate and sell someone else’s products. No matter which route you go, be sure that you are selling real products that people will get real value from.

#3 – Learn to build a list

Building a list is probably the most important thing you can do for bot your short-term and long-term success with an internet business. Building a list is as simple as setting up an autoresponder service for yourself, writing articles or marketing other ways, then driving the right leads to your opt-in page. This takes a little bit of time to master, but it is so extremely important for your success that you absolutely have to learn how to take this skill to the extreme.

#4 – Master the art of marketing on the Internet

Marketing and driving traffic is one of the toughest things to learn because people simply don’t know what to do for success. From my point of view, there are only a handful of strategies that are both free and highly effective: Article marketing, blogging, and using social media tools. Setting up a Facebook and Twitter account is fast, easy, and free, so you must do these immediately. If you want the most success though, article marketing is going to be your best bet for success. Write 2-5 high-quality articles everyday and point people in the direction of your squeeze page, then simply let your product funnel take care of the rest.

Coregistration Leads – How To Pump Endless Leads Into Your List Using Coregistration!

Want to build a huge list by barely lifting a finger? Coregistration is perhaps one of the only ways to do this.

First of all, what is coregistration? It’s a method of buying leads from a third party broker and have them automatically entered into your autoresponder account for marketing follow-ups.

Some great and cheap coregistration brokers are List Opt and Get Subscribers. More expensive ones are Permission Direct and Marketing Sherpa

Collaborating with other coreg users is one way of going about coregistration. You can find 3 partners to purchase say 200,000 leads, and all 3 partners will share the leads on each of their own autoresponders and only pay 1/3 of the price each.

The best autoresponders for coreg are Auto Response Plus and Parabots. These are the scripts some top marketers are using. 1 Shopping Cart has poor deliverability, so I don’t recommend that. Aweber and Get Response don’t allow coreg leads to be imported into their accounts, so you can’t use them..

As for the marketing, once the leads are on your coreg list, you’d want to funnel them into your main autoresponder (which might be using Get Response or another autoresponder service) as much as possible. Use your coreg list to warm them up with free information, and try to get them onto your main list.

Treat your coreg list with respect and don’t send out blatant ads. Build trust with them by sending high quality information. This is what will build you a strong marketing funnel you can depend on for a huge income.

Are You Missing Out On Highly Targeted Subscribers?

If you are not using ezines to build your subscriber list, you are losing out on highly targeted subscribers.

Ezine readers are perfect for building your list as they are already familiar to joining lists, they are already on a list – the publisher’s list.

They would have grown used to receiving ezines to their inbox and also become a very responsive market as they open and read the emails.

Ezine readers are also responsive to the ezine advertising as we know ezine advertisers advertise regularly.

If ezine advertising didn’t work, the advertisers wouldn’t continue to advertise. However, we know many businesses regularly advertise on ezines. Ezine advertising works.

As a natural process, we know people who generally get on one list would more than likely get on more lists. If an ezine subscriber sees something, they are interested in, very likely to join the list.

So as a marketer, you would need to identify specific demographics of your customer avatar/reader and offer something that matches their interests and lead them to join your list via your lead capture page.

Ezine readers are email centric consumers, as they buy things from ezines. If you offer something they are looking for, they will buy it.

Take a moment to think how many lists you are on right now?

If you are anything like me, it is probably a lot.

Consider this for a moment, have you ever bought anything from an email you have received?

I bet the answer is yes.

Well, the good news so has the ezine readers.

Ezine readers are used to getting quality, applicable and relevant information to their inboxes regularly.

Two Key Principles To Succeed In List Building With Ezines

Principle 1

You must know your ideal customer avatar.

You will need to speak to their known needs. The needs you already know they have. Ie. All busy moms want more time, and they also want to raise healthy and happy children.

Principle 2

You always need to use a lead capture page.

Always send visitors from your ezine ad to a lead capture page, therefore, allow them the opportunity to become a subscriber. You are then able to build repport by regular communication, and you can be of service to them as you get to know them better and especially their needs.

Lead capture Tips

  1. Always send visitors to a lead capture page by offering them a high-quality gift
  2. You can use a quiz or a survey
  3. Offer a gift that delivers high value
  4. Use curiosity to sell the opt-in.

Principle 3

A crucial component to getting high response levels to your ads in the ezine advertisement – Sell the click, not the product. Don’t be tempted to sell your product in the ad. You want to focus on the single job of the advertisement, and that is to get the click. So, therefore, sell the click.

It is the job of the landing page to sell the opt-in and get the conversion.

So once you have received the click, it is the strength of the landing page to match the needs of the avatar that gets the opt-in.

Ezines are list building friendly so you can send the reader directly to lead capture pages. Slightly different from other platforms and social media who restrict sending visitors directly to lead capture pages.

Also remember ezine readers want information, as the reason they initially subscribed to the ezine was to receive information. So a product positioned on information the ezine reader is subscribed too – will achieve great successes.

Another brilliant aspect of the ezine market is ezines are topic-specific so you will be able to target accurately specific niches.

So you can accurately match readers existing needs by placing your ad on specific topics of interest to them and placing the ad to sell the click and sending the reader directly to the lead capture page.

When you know your customer avatar in-depth, and match their known needs with your product, you will find building your list will become easy.

Just remember you are not trying to convince the reader of something they are not interested in or trying to create a new interest in the reader. You are just matching your products with the readers already know interests.

Are you ready to tap into a highly targeted market who are grouped in specific topics – then start building your list with ezine marketing?